For competition or just for fun, treasure hunts are great at encouraging exploration and group bonding. And with TweetGoSeek we make it easier than ever to set up and play. Your players don’t need to install a special app or set-up an account. They join by just sending a simple phrase and we send clues to locations. When found, just direct messaging a photo of the location proves they’ve been there - by virtue of Gaggletag technology - and we send the next clue. You can run a hunt anywhere there’s wireless data; indoor or outdoor; on foot or by vehicle; there’s no limit to the number of players/teams and all the scoring is automatic.



Help your attendees get the most from all you’ve organised by encouraging exploration of your whole event, pushing traffic to hidden gems that may be off the beaten track. An event treasure hunt is a great sponsorship opportunity and you can monetise locations


Make a game for your visitors to drive footfall to all corners of your retail empire. Use a treasure hunt to help them discover different products and departments within in a single store, to visit multiple locations of a chain or encourage customers to explore all corners of a shopping mall

Team Building

A challenging treasure hunt is a classic coporate team-building event that not only helps colleagues bond but exercises their problem solving skills and allows them to funnel their competitive instincts in the context of collaboration


A treasure hunt is a great way to kick off all kinds of celebrations, especially when the guests might not know each other that well. Be it a Birthday or a Stag or Hen do, why not make the final destination a bar or restaurant to continue the festivities


What better, or indeed cost effective, way to encourage visitors to explore an area new to them, than a self-guided sightseeing tour they can take at their own pace. Perhaps themed for tourists with particular interests, clues can include links to additional location information


People learn best when they’re having fun. So, take a break from the books and lectures by taking your students out into the field and encourage problem solving, discovery and team building with a treasure hunt at a museum, a historic location, or area of scientific or natural interest, say

How to…

You decide on the locations you want your players/teams to visit and make up clues to help them find them. For a harder game, make your clues more cryptic
Tell us where and when your hunt will start and any extra information to help pitch it to participants, such as the occasion, a prize and a photo or graphic
We’ll send you a link to your Hunt Page (like this one), or you can make your own, to share details and how to play. Plus we send you your Gaggletags to print out and put up at the locations ahead of the event
We'll send the first clue immediately or wait until you fire the starting pistol
We provide details of all participants and the number of locations each has found
If it’s a prize Hunt, you can either award it to first person to find all locations or enter everyone who found all locations into a draw

Please take a few minutes to try out a short virtual version of our real world hunts.

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